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G.S.Oberoi Structures Pvt Ltd. incepted a high quality steel and aluminium pre-fabricated and quarantine tents structure industry in 1987 as G.S.Oberoi Structures Pvt Ltd. Supported by his two sons, Inderdeep Oberoi and Paramdeep Oberoi. G.S.Oberoi Structures Pvt Ltd. manufacture high quality top aluminium German hanger structure for both temporary and fixed purpose and won many accolades from various reputed clients across India.


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Our comprehensive designs are strong, light weight and slender, constructed with the superior quality building components.

Structure varies from 40 feet to 120 feet (column less) and length as per requirements, maintaining International Standards.

Our major clients are from the sector of, Events, Exhibitions, Marriages, Industrial Warehouses and site Offices.

Our Best Products

German Hanger Tent

 Aluminium German hanger Tent

GSO is a Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include German hanger tents are often used for temporary warehousing and storage. They provide a large, covered space that can be customized to fit specific storage needs. Aluminium German hanger tents are large, sturdy structures that are popular for a wide range of events and strong. Here are some common uses for this type of tent. german hanger tents are commonly used in the industrial sector for applications like manufacturing, construction, and logistics. They provide a flexible and easily deployable workspace and are also popular in the agricultural sector as German hanger tent can be used as barns, stables, or hay storage areas.

Pagoda Structures

Pagoda Tent

GSO is a Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Pagoda Tents, pagoda canopy and Outdoor Tents. Pagoda tents are stylish structures and best easy-to-use that are popular for a wide range of outdoor events and activities. By using the latest technology and the most efficient architects, craftsmen, and technicians in the most modern workshops, GSO's services and tents regularly exceed the client's requirements in terms of quality and functionality. They are typically made of high-quality materials like aluminum or steel frames, PVC fabric, and polyester roofs, making them sturdy and durable. Here are some common uses for Pagoda Tent

MS Hanger Tent

MS hanger tent

MS (Mild Steel) hanger tent are good options for outdoor events and Parties' GSO provides a sturdy and durable framework for a variety of MS hanger tents. MS Hanger tent are commonly used for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, concerts, trade shows, and exhibitions. They provide a professional atmosphere and MS hanger tent are used by the hospitality industry to create outdoor dining spaces for restaurants, cafes, and bars. MS hanger tent is used as a unique and comfortable space for customers to enjoy their meals and drinks. MS hanger tent are used for temporary construction sites.


Quarantine Centers in Delhi and Around

Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers
Quarantine centers


Disinfecting Tunel

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We wish to become professional experts in the field of servicemaintenance services, without compromising on quality.

Quality Services

Our commitment to you is total and we want you to always be 100% satisfied by the quality and efficiency of our service .

Honest & Dependable

We work hard to complete all projects with honesty. With thousands of successful projects using our tents, we are one of the most dependable clear span tent manufacturer and supplier companies worldwide.

Professional Support

From chatting through your ideas to building on site, we are always available supporting you. To help our clients to decide the best matching tents, we always provide the highest level of service.

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