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The German hangar is the building structure where tents are put up for events like parties, shows, weddings, and product launches. The German hanger is a building that is easy to move and has frames made of aluminum alloy. With German hangar structures, planning and hosting big events is no longer hard. They have an elegance that can’t be beaten and can also be spread out anywhere to host big events and functions. The German hanger tent structures are easy to move to the event spot because they are not too heavy. They come to the site already broken down, but they can be put together quickly because the parts are movable and can be stretched out to make a venue of any shape or size.



History of German Hanger Tents



Aluminum The name “German Hangar” initiates from the word “hangar,” which originates from the Middle French word “hang art,” which means “enclosure near a house” and has Germanic roots. The Middle French phrase “hang art” was borrowed into English.


What can you do with the German hangers?



German hangers are tent installations that can be used for large-scale events, such as exhibitions, fairs, weddings, business events, entertainment events, etc. They are also called Mega structures and Superstructures. The German Hangers tent can be found in different places and at different kinds of events, such as:


  • Government meetings;
  • Events and openings in sports, art, and business
  • Shows and events in schools, colleges, and offices;
  • Product launches, Tradeshows, and workshops;
  • Marriage ceremony


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